Because of our philosophy, we will always try to keep the original elements (seats, door panels, carpets, ceiling) of your car. Therefore, whenever it is possible, we will clean and repair rather than replace for new ones.

But should the car need it, or should you want a complete new interior, we do have our own integrated saddlery workshop with all materials necessary for the reconstruction of interior and soft hood. We have a large range of top quality leather, leatherette and other materials.

When you car’s interior is really irrecoverable, we can install new frames, springs, and foams for a perfect seating experience. And because a perfect car needs a perfectly installed driver, we also provide interior adaptation and ergonomic fitting services.

For convertibles, we are fully equipped to rebuild all types of tops.

Should the car interior woodworks be completely damaged, we can reproduce all of them in many different essences, with various types of varnishing. Of course this includes the restoration of wooden steering wheels. And because it can be so annoying (and even dangerous) to drive a car with imprecise speedos or odos, our specialists can, of course, take care of them too.

As for body work, there is not always need to restore everything at once and we will always take financial issues into consideration.

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